Eithavan deals with education-related issues facing students

An upcoming film titled as Eithavan deals with the many money-minded tactics adopted by educational institutions across the country.

Of late, films such as Appa, Pencil and Achchamindri dealt with the fraudulent activities taking place in the education sector. Eithavan goes beyond these and explores deep inside the ‘business’ of education. Debutant director Sakthi Rajasekaran talks confidently about his film.

“There can be innumerable number of films dealing with education and how people are exploited in the garb of providing quality education. I conducted a personal research into these things for more than a year and consulted some top-level Senate Members of a few Universities and retired educationists. I gathered many things which form part of the script; we even talk about NEET.

“Parents and movie-goers would instantly relate to the film when they watch it in theatres,” the director says and adds that he plans to release the film within the next few weeks.

Kalaiyarasan, Naren, Krishna, Vallavan and Sarithran play lead roles in the film which marks the return to action of Sadhna Titus, who played the lead role opposite Vijay Antony in last year’s super-hit film Pichchaikkaran and got married late last year. Sadhna plays the solo heroine in the film. Premkumar is the film’s cinematographer while Bharath Bhargav scores the music.

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